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Cult Cinema

MST3K: Zombie Nightmare

Sun., October 30, 2016

Directed by Trace Beaulieu. US. 1994. NR. 93 minutes. MST. DVD.

After hyper-muscular, long haired, mamma’s boy, softball player Tony is recklessly run down by the town’s rich punk kids, he’s resurrected to the mortal coil as a voodoo zombie hell bent on revenge! It’s up to a mustachioed Adam West (of 60’s Batman fame) and his man-child detective partner to save the day in the 80’s, straight to video schlocker! Does that . . .

Planes, Trains and Automobilies

Fri., November 11, 2016

Directed by John Hughes. US. 1987. R. 93 minutes. Paramount. Digital.
Sponsored by Chorus Photography

Just in time for Thanksgiving, The Colonial serves up one of the funniest road comedies ever made! After wrapping up an important business trip in New York, uptight ad exec Neil Page (Steve Martin) is ready to fly home for Thanksgiving dinner with his family. But things dont go as planned. Bad luck, bad weather and bad decisions prevent Neil from reaching Chicago. Now, Neil’s only hope of getting . . .

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Fri., November 25, 2016 thru Mon., November 28, 2016

Directed by Terry Gilliam. UK. 1975. PG. 91 minutes. Rainbow Releasing. Digital.
Sponsored by Kevin R. Pound

Show times announced and tickets on sale soon! The end of November brings many cherished traditions: Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, shopping with the crazed masses on Black Friday, watching parades and football games, and gathering at the Colonial to watch one of the funniest (and most quotable) comedies of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Perhaps the Pythons’ finest film, this cult classic puts an absurdist . . .

Edward Scissorhands

Fri., December 16, 2016

Directed by Tim Burton. US. 1990. PG-13. 105 minutes. Fox. Digital.

“This heartbreaking and highly original parable on conformity casts Johnny Depp as a social misfit who’s taken in by Diane Wiest to live in her average suburban household where he falls in love for the first time, becomes all the rage as a hairdresser to the neighborhoods wives, and learns the high cost of societal conventions. Tim Burton has fashioned in this beautifully filmed and comic fantasy the ultimate . . .