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Best of Philly 2008

Phoenixville Arts & Culture

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Cult Cinema

$9.00 Regular Adult Admission
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$1.00 per ticket service fee

Special screenings, marathons priced as noted in the show description.

Once a month we'll bring you a grab bag of cult, camp, sci-fi, MST3K, kung fu and downright badass movies. Click here to check out the First Friday Fright Night line up.

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Directed by Jonathan Lynn. US. 1985. PG. 94 min. Paramount. Digital.

  • Fri, Apr 18
  • 9:45 pm

“Based on the Hasbro board game of the same name and structured like dinner theater, Jonathan Lynn’s Clue makes a fascinating case for a seemingly doomed project being met with the most precise and rewarding attitude, not only by its writers, but by its director and cast as well. A cheeky mystery game on the board, Clue is here turned into a spiked bon-bon of a film, filled with a whipped mixture of morbidity and macabre humor—cinematic vaudeville with More »

MST3K: Boggy Creek 2

US. 1985. 90 min. MST. DVD.

  • Fri, May 16
  • 9:45 pm

More »

Harryhausen Marathon

  • Sat, Jun 14
  • 12:45 pm

The Colonial continues its tradition of Father’s Day Weekend Marathons with a tribute to Ray Harryhausen, the cinematic special effects pioneer that inspired generations of filmmakers. We have three fantastical features in store for you all shot in Super Dynamation! Are you ready to match wits with Captain Nemo, battle the skeleton warriors, and set sail with Sinbad all in one day? You’ll marvel at Harryhausen’s real world practical effects and the sight of Caroline Munro as a mysterious More »

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Directed by David Lynch. US. 1992. R. 135 min. Warner Bros. 35mm.

  • Fri, Jun 20
  • 9:45 pm

“A wrap-up movie directed by series creator David Lynch should have been the perfect antidote to the frustrating end of Twin Peaks, especially without the interference of network execs at ABC. Instead, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was booed at Cannes and met with near-universal derision from critics and fans alike. Viewed with some distance from Twin Peaks proper and taken on its own terms, however, the movie is… still a bit of a mess, but a riveting one More »


Directed by Steven Spielberg. US. 1975. PG. 124 min. Universal. Digital.

Sponsored by You've Got Geek

  • Sat, Jun 21
  • 4:00 pm

There are very few films in the history of cinema that can be considered perfect. “Jaws” is, without a doubt, one of them. Plagued with production problems of all sorts Jaws emerged as the first summer blockbuster and changed movies forever. This is a true classic of the silver screen and one of the most quotable movies of all time. Get to the theater early because there is a good chance we’re going to need a bigger boat. (Bob Trate More »