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Charley Varrick

Directed by Don Siegel. US. 1973. PG. 111 minutes. Universal. 35mm.
Sun., March 3, 2013
March 3, 2013
2:00 pm

Walter Matthau is at his crumpled, unflappable best in this tough but witty crime drama. A small-time crook, Charley Varrick (Matthau) has the unfortunate experience of robbing a bank and then discovering that he has made off with a fortune in mob money. And when a brutal, sadistic, yet oddly polite mob enforcer (Joe Don Baker) comes after him, Charley must use all his ingenuity and nerve to get himself out of his predicament. Directed by Don Siegel (“Dirty Harry,” “The Shootist,” “Escape from Alcatraz”), this is a film that provides constant surprises, and one of the most satisfying and enjoyable endings ever. This is a movie to be enjoyed again and again – if only for Matthau’s subtle, off-handed, yet highly intelligent performance. (Bill Roth)