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The Big Sleep

Directed by Howard Hawks. US. 1946. NR. 114 minutes. Warner Bros. DVD.
Sun., January 13, 2013
January 13, 2013
2:00 pm

After the success of To Have and Have Not, and capitalizing on the well-publicized romance between stars Bogart and Bacall, Howard Hawks next took on Raymond Chandler’s classic detective story The Big Sleep. With Bogart as heroic Philip Marlowe (private eye extraordinaire) and Bacall as the ultimate femme fatale, this is considered by many to be the definitive detective movie. The story (with screenplay co-written by William Faulkner) is complex, witty and filled with fascinating characters and set pieces, and the inter-play (some might call it fore-play) between the two leads is riddled with innuendo and smoldering dialogue. This is a movie not to be missed by anyone who enjoys classic detective stories. Watch, especially, for a brief scene of Bogart, on stake-out in a used book store, getting to know a very young, and very beautiful, Dorothy Malone, in her first featured screen role. (Bill Roth)