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Count Yorga, Vampire

This modern-day vampire movie, set in Los Angeles, was a surprise hit when it was released and spawned a quick sequel, The Return of Count Yorga.” Former child star Robert Quarry stars as the title count, who owns a huge Victorian mansion just outside LA. Considered a hip eccentric, Yorga holds seances at his home to attract young women. He is, of course, a vampire and quickly adds Donna (Donna Anders) and Erica (Judith Lang) to his harem of vampire brides. Erica’s boy friend, Paul (Michael Murphy), goes after Yorga, never to return, while Donna’s beau, Michael (played by producer Michael Macready), enlists Dr. Hayes (Roger Perry) in the fight to take the castle and rescue the girls from the clutches of the evil vampire. Although rated “PG,” the film is filled with shocking moments–such as when Paul stumbles upon Erica in the process of devouring a house cat. Quarry, who does a credible, energetic job as the vampire, proved so popular that he began a minicareer in 70s horror films, playing opposite Vincent Price in “Dr. Phibes Rises Again” (1974) and “Madhouse” (1974), and in the zombie film “Sugar Hill” (1974). He also appeared in the “Yorga” sequel. Producer-actor Macready is the son of veteran actor George Macready, best known as Rita Hayworth’s sadistic husband in “Gilda” (1946). The senior Macready, who owned a Los Angeles art gallery with partner Vincent Price, provided the narration for “Count Yorga, Vampire.” (TV Guide)