the colonial theatre marquee

Ways to support the Colonial

As many of you know, the Colonial is a non-profit theatre which is important to know for two reasons. First, it allows us a level of flexibility in programming our schedule that for-profit theatres do not enjoy to the same extent. Secondly, it means that we rely greatly on your support! So, with that in mind, here are a few ways you can support the Colonial:

Become a member! The basic individual membership is only $40 per year and it gets you $4 admission (instead of $7) to all of our films.

Frequent the theatre

Buy a seat and get your name, or anything else you want, engraved on the arm rest.

Advertise on-screen, or tell the businesses that do that you saw their slide. They want to know that their advertising money is being well spent.

Sponsor one of our children’s programs or classic films

Volunteer your time and talents

Make an unrestricted tax-deductible gift

Remember the Colonial in your will

Thanks so much for supporting us however you can and we hope to see you at the theatre!

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