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How to post a program

  1. In the Admin area, Write -> Write Post
  2. Enter title and post copy.
  3. Check the category (no need to check “Programs”).
  4. With your cursor where you want the post copy to break, click the “more” button.
  5. Click “Save and Continue Editing”.
  6. Custom fields: pull down menu to select field name, then skip “Key” blank, fill in “Value”, then click “Add Custom Field” button. It does not matter what order you enter the custom fields.
    The custom fields are:
    Length (just put in the number, no “mins” or anything)
  7. Event Editor: Click the + to add dates and times. Do not put in end time, just beginning time. It also does not matter what order you add the dates.
  8. Note: if you don’t have the showtimes yet, add the date range here instead of in the Date_range field. Use the beginning and ending dates, don’t worry about times, and click all day. Later, when you have the showtimes, delete this entry, enter the date range as a custom field, and enter all the showtimes.
  9. Along right, you can look at the Post Slug (or change it, if you want to). That is what the picture should be named, with a .jpg on the end. Then put the image in the Images folder. The images should be 95 pixels wide.
  10. At any point, click Save or Save and Continue Editing to save as draft. Click Publish to make it show on the site.
  11. Also along the right is Post Timestamp. If you set the timestamp to a date in the future, the post will not show on the web site until that date.