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Garrett Brown and the Steadicam® Sundays in October

Garrett Brown is an east-coaster who made his way by innovation: as an admen in the 60's, a filmmaker and inventor in the 70's, a clandestine radio humorist in the 80's and an industry-changing sports videographer since the 90's. When existing practices got in his way, he dreamed up simple, elemental short cuts that have opened up limitless possibilities for moving the world's cameras.

Garrett invented the Oscar-winning Steadicam® camera stabilizer and used it to shoot nearly 100 movies beginning with “Rocky”. He holds 50 patents worldwide for camera devices including the new Steadicam Merlin for camcorders; Skycam, which flies on wires over sporting events; and Mobycam, Divecam and Flycam that respectively chase swimmers, divers and athletes at the Olympics.

Garrett has recorded for MGM as a folksinger, made TV commercials, shot films for “Sesame Street," and was the other half of the ad-lib duo on the long-running Molson and American Express radio commercials. He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers, the Directors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His popular lecture on “The Moving Camera” has been seen at film schools and festivals around the world.

In October, the Colonial is featuring the Steadicam during its Classics on Sundays series. Garrett will introduce two of the films: Marathon Man on Sunday, Oct 5 at 7pm and The Shining on Sun, Oct 26 at 1:30pm. Garrett will also do a Q&A after Marathon Man on Oct 5. Click here for a complete list of the Classics on Sundays films.