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Special Screening: The Times of Harvey Milk

I'm so thrilled that we're able to screen this fantastic doc about Harvey Milk during the same week we're screening Milk! It is absolutely worth seeing!

We're showing it at 5:30PM on Wed, Feb 25. Couple this screening with Milk at 2PM or 7:30PM and then join us at Artisan's Gallery and Cafe at 9:30PM for a thoughtful discussion of these two wonderful films. Tickets for this film will be $4 for children and members and $6 for adults and seniors.

"…this is an enormously absorbing film, for the light it sheds on a decade in the life of a great American city and on the lives of Milk and Moscone, who made it a better, and certainly a more interesting, place to live" (Roger Ebert)

"Winner of the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary in 1983, this film presents the story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay supervisor for the city of San Francisco. Starting with Milk's humble beginnings at his camera store in the Castro district, the film focuses on his developing taste for politics and race for the supervisor's seat for his district. While Milk's homoseuality is not a problem for Mayor Moscone, it is a major concern to another supervisor, Dan White, a former police officer and born-again Christian. White assassinated both Milk and Moscone, claiming at his trial that he was not responsible for his actions, having endured a sugar high from eating too many Twinkies. (The veteran cop was given a lenient sentence). Director Epstein shows the ensuing protests and updates us to the year of filming (1983) on the status of everyone involved. The film is sensitive, yet shocking, a story about the ultimate value of the human spirit and the blatant evil of misplaced morality." (Nathan Jenson, The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide)

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