the colonial theatre marquee

Spend a Week at the Colonial: Apr 30 – May 6


The Last Station has its last screening tonight at 7:30PM. On Friday night we’ve got the Roger McGuinn concert – tickets are still available. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starts on Saturday – the first screening is at 2PM. The Ghost Writer starts on May 21, Sweetgrass starts on May 28; City Island starts on Jun 4, and The Secret of Kells starts on Jun 18.

We’re planning a special film/book discussion of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Sunday, May 2 after the 4:15PM screening. The discussion will be led by Jason Hafer, owner of Wolfgang Books and myself. Depending on the size of the group we’ll either meet at Wolfgang’s or in the theatre’s new third floor community room. If you are not planning on attending the 4:15 screening, but would like to join the discussion meet us in the theatre lobby at about 6:45.

In last week’s email I mis-identified Nikki Milholin as being the discussion leader for Wolfgang’s literary fiction group. Nikki actually leads their poetry group, and she is hoping to participate in our discussion on Sunday. Kathy Hunt is the writer who leads the literary fiction group. My apologies for the mix-up!

On Wednesday at 7PM the Green Valleys Association presents a screening of the documentary A Chemical Reaction. A Q&A with one of the film’s producers, Paul Tukey, will follow and will take the place of our regular Wednesday night film discussion.

This month our classics theme is Bette vs. Joan (that’s Davis and Crawford). On Sunday at 2PM we get things started wtih a true classic noir, Mildred Pierce.

Parking update from Mary:

Some of you may have already heard about the upcoming parking changes in Phoenixville, but I thought I would share with you how this will work and how I think it will be a good first step towards addressing the parking issues in the borough.

Our business community has grown quite a bit in the last several years and like any small town community we were not built to accommodate the number of cars that people have come to depend on. Add to that the dearth of public transportation and you’ve got a real parking problem in Phoenixville. However, the last thing we want to do is discourage people from coming into town for dinner, drinks a movie or shopping.

In addition to the cars belonging to visitors coming in and out of town, we have identified quite a few cars in the municipal lots and on the street that never move. So the parking authority has made some changes that will take effect on May 3 and that will help manage the cars in town.

First, the three main municipal lots will be metered. Parking will be $1 an hour from 9am to 9pm. You can use a credit card to pay at the stations set up in each lot. There is no limit to how long you can stay in the spot as long as you pay. Second, the two-hour parking on Bridge Street between Starr and Gay Streets and on Gay and Main Streets between Bridge and Church will be strongly enforced. The parking in these spots is free but limited to two hours.Third, employee parking will be set up in the gravel lot across Main Street from the Foundry. You must have a current paid, permit to park in this lot. Fourth, the lot behind the Dollar Store will be set aside for resident parking and available to those who have a current, paid permit.

In the future, there may be some restricted, resident only parking on Church Street, but not at this time. Please respect the fact that people live on that street and need to park their cars too, so use the metered lots when you come in to town in the evenings. Think of it as supporting the parking plans for Phoenixville.

Ticketing update:

On Saturday our lowest ticket price ($4) will increase to $5. This is our first increase of the member/child ticket price in 10 years and we hope you will agree that it is still affordable. The first film to be affected by the increase is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Please note that this increase will also affect the films in the Young Audiences Series starting next October.

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the theatre!