the colonial theatre marquee

Spend a Week at the Colonial Jan 28-Feb 3


Oscar time means a lot of competition for screen space for the Oscar contenders. You all came out and supported our showing of The King’s Speech and because of that we were asked to keep the film a third week. We know we promised True Grit this Friday but we have to push that off for a week. With all the Oscar nominations The King’s Speech received on Tuesday, we hope that this third week will encourage new Colonial Fans to check us out. So, thanks for your patience and spread the word!

He’s baaack! The wild and crazy Balloon Freak John Cassidy returns to our Young Audiences series this Saturday at 2PM. Our Classic this Sunday at 2PM is the dark comedy Unfaithfully Yours, starring Rex Harrison and Linda Darnell.

We continue our new documentary series with Under Our Skin this Sunday at 4PM. Following the movie, please join us for a Q&A hosted by MontCoLyme.

Join us Wednesday, Feb 2 for a special screening of Groundhog Day. Come on down and watch Bill Murray over, and over and over again!

We still have tickets for musician Leo Kottke Feb 11, Gaelic Storm Mar 24, City Rhythm Orchestra with Joey DeFrancesco Mar 27, Liv Taylor Apr 15, Tempest Apr 16 and the blues and jazz concert Music for Mercies Apr 21. Read about all of our live events here at the website.

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the theatre!