the colonial theatre marquee

Spend a Week at the Colonial Jun 29 – Jul 5

There is a lot of important information this week, so be sure to read on!

Tomorrow our new feature will be Moonrise Kingdom. Set in the 1960s, watch this charming comedy about two adolescents who fall in love. Tonight is your last chance to see The Kid with a Bike at 7:30PM.

Speaking of bikes, Saturday night the Phoenixville Criterium bike race will be riding through downtown. If you plan on coming to the 8:15PM feature film, we suggest those coming from the west park at the Justice Building parking lot (347 East Bridge St.) and those coming from the east park in the Customers Bank lot (99 Bridge St., behind their building on Starr and Bridge). The major downtown streets will be closed until 8PM, so we suggest you come early, grab dinner or bring a picnic, watch the race and stay for a fabulous movie!

July 27 and 28 the Colonial Theatre welcomes back Firebird Theatre presents The Wizard of Oz! and The Trouble in Oz! This is a family friendly, live musical children’s theatre production. Tickets on sale now.

It’s tour time! Join us Sunday at 12:30PM for our monthly theatre tour. Please RSVP by calling the theatre (610-917-1228) by 5PM this Saturday. See you there!

The theme of our July Classic Series is Androids & Robots. We begin Sunday with Forbidden Planet, starring Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis.

By now most of you have received our quarterly newsletter. We wanted to point out one typo in the letter: the TOSDV Pipe Organ Debut Concert on page 7 is scheduled for Saturday, Sep 17, 7PM (not Sunday as printed). Incidentally, if you are happy receiving schedule updates here and via the website and no longer wish to receive the quarterly newsletter, please let me know by replying to this newsletter.

Be sure to vote for your favorite Blobfest short film to win the Shorty Award! The contest ends June 30. You can view the videos here!

Speaking of Blobfest, after the Blobfest Friday night “Run-Out”, go next door for the retro after-party known as “The Blob Ball”, now in its fifth year! There will be prizes for best 1950s attire, door prize drawings, and music of “the Blob years” provided by The Rivers Rockabilly Trio. Tickets are $12, available at, or by cash purchase at the door (15% of ticket revenues will be donated to the Colonial Theatre). Hint: Get your tickets before the Run Out; the Blob Ball sold out quickly last year!

We will be closed Wednesday, Jul 4 for the holiday. Enjoy!

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the theatre!