the colonial theatre marquee

Spend a Week at the Colonial Sep 9 to Sep 15


We are carrying over our feature film, Florence Foster Jenkins. Meryl Streep plays Florence, a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice. Our new feature, Don’t Think Twice, starts Friday, Sep 16.

Saturday at 4PM, join us for Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo and Juliet. Sir Derek Jacobi stars as Mercutio, with Richard Madden and Lily James as Romeo and Juliet. Director Branagh beautifully retells the story of the longstanding feud between Verona’s Montague and Capulet families, bringing about devastating consequences for two young lovers caught in the conflict.

Sunday 2PM Theatre Organ Society of the Delaware Valley presents Theatre Organ Concert with Jelani Eddington. Jelani has performed in most of the major concert venues throughout the U.S., has toured extensively abroad, and has received numerous awards including the Organist of the Year. As always, the easiest, quickest way to get tickets is online.

Join us the first and third Sundays of each month at 12:30 for an exclusive tour of the theatre and a visit to 225 Bridge St. Please RSVP by 5:30PM Thursday by calling 610-917-1228 and giving us the names of all attending.

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you at the theatre!