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Blobfest 2010 Wrap Up

Thank you for another fabulous Blobfest weekend at the Colonial Theatre! This year we enjoyed our special visit from Stella the Maneater From Manayunk and her butler Hives.

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Watch the nominees for the 2010 Shorty Award.

Watch Blob Town by Cinemassacre Productions.

Blobfest 2009 Wrap Up

The Colonial made the list of top 68 sci-fi tourist spots on!

Watch this year’s Running Out on YouTube.

Running Out coverage on Channel 6 ABC.

Monster Creature Feature TV did a short promo about Blobfest on their website.

Main Line Magazine voted Blobfest onto their list of 100 Things to Love on the Main Line.

You can see all the Shorty Award nominated short films on Dr. FrankNStone’s YouTube channel.

The Blob discussed on a super cool website,

Blobfest is now included on AOL’s interactive pop culture map Where It’s At.

Time article: Identifying the Great Blob of Alaska (not really about the Blob, but interesting nonetheless)

Blobfest 2009 Contest Winners

  • Scriptwriting Contest: Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace and Jessica Robbins
  • Shorty Award (Kids): The Glob & Return of the Glob
  • Shorty Award (Adult): The Robot
  • Shorty Fan Favorite: The Castaways Meet the Blob
  • Costume First Place ($250): Julie Pruden as the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Costume Second Place ($100): Brandon Wassmar as Mars Attacks
  • Costume Third Place #1 ($50): Domenick Scudera as King Kong
  • Costume Third Place #2 ($50): David Santucci as the Zombie
  • Costume Third Place #3 ($50): Tie between Dori Eisenhauer as Cruella De Vil and Matthew J. McGinnis as the Gentleman
  • Guess How Many Fireballs: Carissa Graten
  • Thanks to MiNDTV for sponsoring our Short Film Contest!


Blobfest 2009 Special Guests

Blob Locations Self-Guided Tour

Click here to download a map and directions for the self-guided tour put together for last year’s Blobfest by Dave Lentz. You can also check out this post on Retro Roadmap for lots of info about Blobfest and Phoenixville

Blobfest Stamps

BlobFest Stamps

Announcing the perfect souvenir for Blob Fans!! These valid US First Class Postage PhotoStamps are from — a United States Postal Service approved provider of PCpostage. They are valid U.S. Postage, and are authorized by special arrangement with the copyright holder of The Blob. They will not be available anywhere else.

These beautiful stamps feature 25 different key scenes from the movie, from the famousColonial Runout to the Downingtown Diner, Jerry’s Market, DocHallen’s house, Steve, Jane and the Teens, the Colonial Balcony, scenes of the Blob itself (of course), and many, many more.

Each stamp is approximately 2 x 1.4 inches and features the famous Blob logo from the1958 movie trailer as well as “50th Anniversary 1958-2008” and “Blobfest, Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA.” They are presented in a philatelic-quality 8″ x 11″pocket sheet that both protects and provides a perfect way to display them.

Limit of two sets of 28 per order- the number of available sets is extremely limited. Please note – due to copyright restrictions,these stamps are not authorized for resale by purchasers.

Each set of 28 stamps is $100.00 and are available for pickup at the Colonial. All proceeds go to the non-profit Colonial Theatre. Call 610-917-1228 to reserve yours today!

Blobfest 2008 Wrap Up

It’s a wrap. We have ticked off the 9th Annual Blobfest, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, and it was a screaming success.

Graced by the marvelous RICOU BROWNING, the actual underwater creature in the 50’s classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon, fans heard great stories and learned amazing anecdotes about our favorite time in film history. The man has certainly had interesting experiences, from James Bond to life with a sea lion. And guess what, TOM SAVINI came!!!! What a great and talented guy!!! No longer Godot-esque, we got to see one of the great special effects person in person. He has an inextricable connection to PA, having worked with George Romero on the original Night of the Living Dead and going on to be a premier makeup artist, actor and director. Both our fabulous guest stars were renaissance film people, doing many things well in the business AND having archetypal films under their belts. Thanks to both these great men for taking part in our celebration.

Speaking of celebrations, THE NEANDERTHALS rocked the house. Oh, those guys in leopard skins…how they rock and rolled. A big big crowd hit and just awfully fun to work with,the committee says hats off to the swinging cavemen.

Dave of the committee arranged for a new set of Blob postal stamps, complete with official cancellations from the post office. Joan of the committee was instrumental in obtaining mega-coverage from the media this year, including a lovely piece on, and a great article carried by the Associated Press.

We saw great old 3D, in The Creature from the Black Lagoon, still a moving piece about the unknown in nature and mans arrogance. And we saw….da da DA…..The Tingler with Vincent Price and a creepy noir script. Perhaps some even “felt the tingle” and saw those wiggly creepers in the actual Colonial Theatre. William Castle would have been proud of us, I think.

Joan and Dave were TINGLER WRANGLERS on Saturday night, also. Along with myself, who made the tinglers, and Jeffrey. Cindy was there wrangling the tinglers, also. If you were lucky enough to be in the audience that night, I am sure you will remember it fondly.

Shane was his inimitable self or whomever he was playing… and this year it was multiple characters, DR. FRANKENSTONE and the nuevo Ed Bannister among them. GHOUL-A-GO-GO……we love the ghoul-a-go-go. Vlad and Creighton and the Invisible Man were in attendance, causing their unique form of fear and love we have grown to crave at BLOBFEST.

THE PATIENT CREATURES made their appearance on Saturday afternoon, even providing the scream that opened the StreetFair festivities.

And, wait, was that Steve McQueen? Nope, it was our wonderful newly minted Steve look-a-like BRYAN BICKHART who did Steve McQ proud with his earnest and true blue antics. Thanks so much to him. And, we had the guys from WCOJ…they were helping us rock and roll out on the street. Thanks much, guys.

The Bridge Street businesses did a Blobulous job on decorating for Blobfest this year. We heard numerous people comment on the fun they had looking at the various windows and wondering who would win the contest.

We must give our grateful props to The Chester County Convention and Visitors Bureau, without whom this party would not have gotten started. AND, thanks to them, the fabulous BLOB PLAQUE is done and installed in the balcony, creating a place to visit the terror and rub our hometown monster for luck.

Special thanks to those who helped us realize the fabrication. PH foundry in Pittsburgh for casting the sculptural part of the plaque and International Bronze Plaque Company, Ltd. for casting the word part for us. The plaque has been in the works for about two years, so we are very proud it is finally a bronze reality.

Well, remember, about the time the fireflies come out in summer, its time to BEWARE….. Blobfest is coming again to Phoenixville. See you then!

Andee from the Blobfest committee
(And remember, beware of the Blob!)

Blobfest 2008 in the Press and on the Web

Cinemassacre did a series for Spike TV on alien invader movies and their remakes. Click here to watch Part 3 of the series. The Blob coverage starts at about 8:18.

Click here to see the video produced the AARP about Blobfest 2008.

Kevin Maher and the crew at AMC’s Sci-Fi Scanner Blog were at Blobfest this year. Click here to see the video.

Here’s a video from YouTube a view of the Running Out Re-enactment from above.

Strange Pennsylvnia with Dave and Dave did an episode that includes their visit to Blobfest 2008.

Click here to listen to a story about the Blob that ran on NPR’s All Things Considered on Sep 10, 2008 and to read Keith Brand’s essay about Phoenixville.

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Click on the links below to read some of the pre-Blobfest coverage in the press.

Philadelphia Magazine July 10, 2008

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The Philadelphia Inquirer July 10, 2008 August, 18, 2008


Thank you!

The Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau was the generous sponsor of Blobfest 2008.

Blobfest 2007 Wrap Up

Well, Blobfest 8 is history.

A stunning year it was. We got to meet Jack Harris, producer of The Blob, Kate Phillips, Howie Fishlove, Dick Taylor and his son Don, and Shorty’s son Kris Yeaworth. Great guests…the ever intelligent and gracious Mary Jo Pehl, Ghoul A Go Go (a Blobfest favorite), the fabulous Patient Creatures – whose presence makes the days and nights of Blobfest extra spooky.

Our new projects this year were well-received. We awarded two SHORTY AWARDS for our short Blob-related film contest. Winners were Blob Jelly by Dave Perillo and Clair Poletti in the 18 and over category and Stalk of the Blob Man by Matthew McGinnis in the under 18 category. Thanks to all who submitted this year they were a blast to watch!

Lots and lots of people came out in their TINFOIL HATS, and 70 of them competed in our competition. Friday night we chose four winners, but later, we realized we needed to recognize yet one more hat. The entry from Barbara Knudsen, which was pointedly made of 100% recycled foil and fell squarely within our INCONVENIENT BLOB global warming theme. Yeah, Barbara! Thank you to Kathy at the Phoenix Village Arts Center for letting us display the hats there.

Special thanks to two European artists, Eclectech and Miss Prizm, who graciously allowed us to use their hilarious TINFOIL HAT SONG. The crowd loved it, as we hoped they would.

Absent because of mechanical difficulty was Kyra Schon. We missed her greatly and hope she will make it to the next Blobfest. We hurt.

The Colonial had a fabulous RUNNING OUT, thanks to all of you wonderful fans who enjoy the chaos and energy of the recreation, and there were oodles of bystanders to watch including the news media. Thank you guys.

And this year, we had an incredible FIRE EXTINGUISHER PARADE with Madame Blobvovnia and George Muller on fire extinguisher officiating. Next year, the wildness continues.

Stu and The Rivers rocked, literally. Thank you guys for your efforts and energy.

Till next year, when we will again wait for Tom Savini and celebrate our very own hometown monster, the Blob, the Blobfest Committee reminds you to BEWARE.

Thanks very much.


Blobfest 2007 in the Press and on the Web

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Blobfest 2007 Shorty Award Nominees

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