the colonial theatre marquee


What are your beer and wine prices?

Draft Beer 16oz – $7
Premium Draft Beer 16oz – $8
Bottled Beer 12oz – $5
Premium Bottled Beer 12oz – $7
Wine 6oz – $6
Premium Wine 6oz – $8

What age do you consider to be a senior?


When is the box office open?

12:30PM – 15 minutes past last show time of the day

Is seating reserved or general admission?

Seating for Point Entertainment concerts is reserved while seating for almost all other live shows is general admission (and is noted in information for each particular show). Seating for films is always general admission.

What’s the best way to buy tickets?

We encourage you to buy tickets online, in advance. You will pay the same fees no matter how or where you purchase tickets. Online sales to Point Entertainment concerts end at 5PM on the day of the show. After 5PM on the day of the show please call 610-917-1228 to order tickets.

What’s your refund policy?

All sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable. Film tickets may be exchanged for another regular film screening at the box office. Please note: Tickets purchased from third party resellers are not the responsibility of the Colonial Theatre. As such, any refunds must be processed directly through the third party reseller.

When do tickets become available online?

We add programs to our website and set up ticketing for new shows every week. If you don’t see the show you’re looking for check back in a couple of days. Generally, tickets to feature films will be available for online purchase on the Monday or Tuesday before the Friday that the film starts.

What are your ticket prices and fees?

Ticket prices and fees are summarized here.

Where can I see a seating chart?

Seating charts for all three theatres are here.

How do I know which theatre a film is playing in?

Click on the View Current’s Week Schedule by Theatre button at the top of this page or under the calendar on our home page. Also, once you click on the Get Tickets button for any show, you’ll see the theatre number indicated for each show time. For example, see the screen shot below. Theatre 1 is The 1903 Theatre with 658 seats. Theatre 2 is The White Rabbit Theatre with 174 seats. Theatre 3 is The Berry Theatre with 65 seats. Full descriptions of each theater are here and photos of each are here.

How do I get my tickets if I buy online?

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase to which your tickets will be attached as a pdf.
  • Add to your address book so the email does not go into your junk mail folder.
  • Please have your ticket with you when you come to the theatre. With your ticket, you can bypass the box office window and go right up to the volunteer tearing tickets. You can also show us your ticket or confirmation on your smart phone.
  • If you are unable to print your tickets or forget to bring them with you, check in at the box office with a photo I.D. and we will reprint them for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, check (2 weeks or more before the show), Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Checks require a pre-printed name and address and a valid driver’s license. A $25.00 fee applies to all returned checks. Please note: If you are mailing a check, it is required that you write your phone number and driver’s license number on the check. If we receive your check without the phone number and drivers license number, we will return it to you.General Questions

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes! As of May 12, 2017 we have a theatre liquor license and serve beer and wine. We’re primarily a movie theatre and so for food, we have traditional movie theatre concessions.

Why do you show some films on DVD or blu ray?

It is always a priority for us to show repertory films on 35mm and usually we are lucky enough to find good prints through the studios themselves or various archives. However, if neither a 35mm print nor a DCP (digital cinema package) is available for rental, and it’s a film we feel is important to show, we will show it on DVD or blu ray. This happens rarely.

Can you show digital films?

Yes, we added digital cinema to The 1903 Theatre in October, 2013. All of our feature films are now shown on DCP (digital cinema package) through a Barco 2K projector. We did not install a 4K projector in this theatre because the distance between our screen and first row of seats is such that it would be impossible to see the difference between 2K and 4K with the naked eye. The 1903 Theatre is also equipped with a 35mm changeover system. The White Rabbit Theatre and The Berry Theatre are digital only and are equipped with Barco 2K projectors.

How do you schedule your feature films?

Like everything else, this part of our work is a balancing act. We need to bring in films that significant numbers will come see so we can pay our bills; not keep them so long that we lose patrons who are ready to see the next film; and bring in enough truly independent film so that we can provide a home for diverse programming and continue to differentiate ourselves from the multiplexes. We have discussions every Monday with our film booker to make the best choices we can about film scheduling. Planning on a week-to-week basis allows us the most flexibility, and the best chance at bringing in all of the films you want to see.

How do you decide which concerts to book?

We are always open to your opinions on which artists we should book at the Colonial. It is important to understand that there is a limitation on who we can afford based on the number of seats we have. The Colonial is half the size of the Keswick, which is why you see such a difference in our programming. We continue to test the limits of our ticket price while at the same time not completely out-pricing our friends and neighbors in the community.

When is the parking situation going to improve?

Phoenixville is becoming more popular and with that comes more people and more cars. We’re all understandably frustrated by the increased congestion in town, and the seemingly diminishing parking spaces. But, the town is addressing it — a parking authority has been established. Go to the Directions section for details.