the colonial theatre marquee

Colonial Reopening FAQs


Will We Be Required to Wear Masks? 

YES, per PA requirements, masks must be worn:

  • When entering the building

  • While purchasing concessions

  • During bathroom visits

  • When interacting with Colonial staff and fellow patrons

Masks may be removed to eat during a film. They MUST be replaced before leaving your seat.

What is the Colonial’s Cleaning Protocol? 

The following areas will be cleaned and disinfected before each opening and closing and after every film begins screening:

  • Door handles

  • Toilet handles

  • Theatre seats

  • Elevator buttons

  • Counter tops

  • Computers and keyboards

  • Tables

  • Soap and paper towel holders

  • Any area of the theatre that is touched or handled by Colonial Staff or patrons

Will There be Hand Sanitizer and Soap Available at the Theatre?

Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple areas around the theatre for your convenience and safety.

Soap dispensers in the bathrooms will be checked frequently to ensure that they are adequately stocked.

How Will Social Distancing Be Enforced?

Social Distancing in lines 

  • Every effort will be made to encourage social distancing (6 feet) in our box office and concession lines.

  • Boxes will be marked off on the floor of the box office and concession lobbies to designate appropriate distancing.  Signs will be placed in the box office and concession stand to remind all patrons to follow this courtesy.

  • The marked boxes will also be continued outside the front entrance on the sidewalk to be prepared for any level of business.

  • The box office and concession stand will also be set up with at least two selling stations each (in the case of the concession stand) to avoid long lines and facilitate better social distancing.

  • Film start times for the three theatres will be spread out to 30 minutes apart to lessen any possibility of crowds forming in the box office or concession stand.

Social Distancing in Theatres

Capacity Requirements Per Theatre:

The 1903 Theatre – Capacity of 134 people 

The White Rabbit – Capacity of 34 people

The Berry Theatre – Capacity of 12 people 

  • We will only allow public screenings in the 1903 and White Rabbit Theatres. For the time being, The Berry Theatre will only be used for private film rentals

  • Sections of each theatre will be blocked to limit the number of people in the space

  • Theatre start times will be spread out to allow for cleaning between showings.  This will entail the use of a sprayer to sanitize seats from the prior show using HDOX – a peroxide based cleaner certified to kill viruses (including COVID.)

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our reopening procedures and protocols, please contact our House Management team:  Scott Bauman ( or Ryan Wilson (