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Email Sponsorship

Support our non-profit and get the word out about your business to over 20k people at the same time!

How Does It Work?

Our weekly email newsletter provides our patrons & members with essential information like film times, special event dates and the latest Colonial Theatre news.
By sponsoring our weekly email newsletter, you’ll receive an image space located within the email. The image can contain your business logo, opening hours, location & social media details. This image can contain a hyperlink to your business’ website or social media.

How Much Does It Cost and How Long Can My Sponsorship Run? 

Email sponsorships are available for one or two weeks at the following prices:

1 week Sponsorship – $80
2 Week Sponsorship – $150

How Many People Does The Colonial Theatre Reach Through Email?

Our mailing list contains ~27,000 individuals and each week about 80% of those folks open and interact with our emails.

What Are The Dimensions For The Email Sponsorship Image? 

7 h x 2.5 w (504 px / 180px )

Can You Create My Image For Me? 

Sorry, but we don’t have the resources to assist you with creating your sponsorship image.  However, there are several online resources you can use to create simple images like canva. 

Can You Provide Some Examples?

Below are two examples of what your sponsorship spot could look like using Colonial Theatre branding:

















For more details or to begin your sponsorship, please contact our engagement Coordinator, Jack warren at