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A Quiet Passion

Fri., May 19, 2017 thru Thu., June 1, 2017

Directed by Terrence Davies. UK and Belgium. 2017 . PG-13. 125 minutes. Music Box Films. Digital.

“You are alone, you and your revolution, Ms. Dickinson,” spouts a stoic headmistress in the opening sequence of “A Quiet Passion,” a biopic of 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson and the latest work from proud Liverpudlian auteur Terence Davies. In the scene, young Emily has apparently rejected both a life in the seminary and the option to be a practicing catholic, a decision the famously atheistic director clearly vibes . . .

Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer

Fri., May 19, 2017 thru Thu., June 1, 2017

Directed by Joseph Cedar. US. 2016. R. 118 minutes. Sony. Digital.

“Almost sneakily, Richard Gere has made a career out of playing hustlers—from his shifty, seductive glances in Days of Heaven and American Gigolo, to his more recent triumphs like The Hoax (about real-life con artist Clifford Irving) and the hedge-fund drama Arbitrage. So before you blanch at the idea of this underrated Hollywood icon playing a Jewish NYC schemer desperate to parlay his contacts into a big . . .

The Lovers

Fri., May 26, 2017 thru Thu., June 1, 2017

Directed by Azazel Jacobs. US. 2017. R. 94 minutes. A24. Digital.

A long-married and completely dispassionate husband (Tracy Letts) and wife (Debra Winger) are in the midst of serious affairs and are increasingly committed to their new partners. But on the brink of officially calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly and unexpectedly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance that forces them to navigate the hilarious complications of “cheating” on their respective lovers.

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Their Finest

Fri., May 12, 2017 thru Thu., June 1, 2017

Directed by Lone Scherfig. UK. 2017. R. 117 minutes. BBC Films. Digital. VI.

“Their Finest” is set in London in 1940, during the height of the Blitz, and takes its title from a speech by Winston Churchill. It is a film about filmmaking, in particular the making of a film that needs to serve as a salve for the besieged British populace, boosting morale and helping, in its own way, to win the War. It features a plucky, proto-feminist heroine, a jaded . . .

Deconstructing the Beatles Sgt. Pepper

Thu., June 1, 2017

Directed by Scott Freiman. US. 2017. NR. 95 minutes. Abramorama. Digital.

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is one of the most influential albums of our time. Rolling Stone described it as “the most important rock & roll album ever made, an unsurpassed adventure in concept, sound, songwriting, cover art and studio technology by the greatest rock & roll group of all time.”
In Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, composer, musician, and Beatles expert Scott . . .

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Starts June 2

Directed by Philippe Falardeau. US. 2016. R. 98 minutes. IFC Films. Digital.

“Liev Schreiber plays a real-life boxer, Chuck Wepner, famed for going fifteen rounds with Muhammad Ali, in 1975. Or, to be accurate, almost fifteen; the fight was stopped with less than twenty seconds to go, not that that made any difference to Wepner’s raucous supporters, especially in Bayonne, New Jersey. The movie shows him living there with his wife, Phyliss (Elisabeth Moss), and their daughter, Kimberly (Melo Ludwig . . .

Beatriz at Dinner

Starts June 23

Directed by Miguel Arteta. US. 2017. NR. 83 minutes. Roadside Attractions. Digital.

“Salma Hayek is the star and radiant center of “Beatriz at Dinner,” Miguel Arteta’s scathing, at times scathingly funny comedy about a California neo-hippie — she works as a holistic healer and keeps pet goats — who inadvertently and catastrophically ends up mingling with the 1 percent (principally embodied with casual imperiousness by John Lithgow). Written by Mike White, the movie touches on some of the same themes that informed . . .

The Beguiled

Starts June 30

Directed by Sofia Coppola. US. 2017. R. 94 minutes. Focus Features. Digital.

At a girls’ school in Virginia during the Civil War, where the young women have been sheltered from the outside world, a wounded Union soldier is taken in. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries, and an unexpected turn of events . . .