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Sensory Friendly Screenings

Our Sensory Friendly Screenings offer a more inclusive atmosphere because we believe that everyone should enjoy their time at the movies. During Sensory Friendly Screenings the theatre lights will be dimmed, the volume will be turned down, and our “no talking during the film” rule will not be enforced. To accommodate any dietary needs and restrictions, individuals may bring their own snacks to enjoy during the film. The Colonial welcomes movie lovers of all ages and abilities. We hope you and your family will join us and enjoy the show!

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The Secret Garden

Sat., January 19, 2019

Directed by Agnieszka Holland. US. 1993. 8+. 1 hour 41 minutes. Warner. blu ray.

This gorgeous, thoughtful film, based on the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, tells the story of a young Victorian girl, Mary Lennox, who has been sent to live with her uncle in his gloomy English manor. Left to her own devices, Mary begins exploring and uncovering the secrets of the house and garden, befriending the sickly boy who lives there and a local farm boy along the way.
The 11AM . . .

The Dark Crystal

Sat., February 9, 2019

Directed by Jim Henson. US. 1982. 8+. 1 hour 34 minutes. Universal. Digital.

Jim Henson’s classic fantasy adventure returns to the Colonial to enchant and entertain another generation of movie fans! Jen (Stephen Garlick), raised by the noble race called the Mystics, has been told that he is the last survivor of his own race, the Gelflings. He sets out to try to find a shard of the dark crystal, a powerful gem that once provided balance to the universe. After the . . .

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Sat., March 2, 2019

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Japan. 1989. 5+. 1 hour 43 minutes. GKids. Digital.

In director Hayao Miyazaki’s anime classic, 13-year-old Kiki moves to a seaside town with her talking cat to spend a year alone, in accordance with her village’s tradition for witches in training. After learning to control her broomstick, Kiki sets up a flying courier service and soon becomes a fixture in the community. But when the insecure young witch begins questioning herself and loses her magic . . .

The Secret of Kells

Sat., March 16, 2019

Directed by Tomm Moore. France. 2009. G. 1 hour 15 minutes. GKids. Digital.

Young Brendan lives in a remote medieval outpost under siege from barbarian raids. But a new life of adventure beckons when a celebrated master illuminator arrives from foreign lands carrying an ancient but unfinished book, brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It . . .

My Dog Skip

Sat., April 13, 2019

Directed by Jay Russell. US. 2000. Age 9+. 1 hour 35 minutes. Warner. blu ray.

Set in Mississippi in the late 40s, shy young Willie Morris (Frankie Muniz) lives with his parents (Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon), and when his only friend goes off to war, he’s left alone. His father, who lost a leg fighting in the Spanish Civil War, is withdrawn, so his mother buys him a dog and his life is transformed, not only is the dog his best friend but . . .

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