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Teen Audiences

Hidden Figures

Mon., February 13, 2017 thru Thu., February 23, 2017

Directed by Theodore Melfi. US. 2016. PG. 127 minutes. Fox. Digital.

“In the grand scheme, numbers mean everything: Our very bodies are made of equations. Yet movies about people who deal in numbers—often foisted on us as spinachy, good-for-us entertainment during prestige-movie season—tend to be deadly dull. Who needs to see another white dude grab a piece of chalk and start writing feverishly on a blackboard?
But even if numbers are everywhere, they still have the . . .


Sat., March 11, 2017

Directed by Randal Kleiser. US. 1978. 11+. 110 minutes. Paramount. Digital.

“Grease‘s gender politics are pretty screwy, and its understanding of the ’50s amounts to a few cultural signifiers: hot cars, leather jackets, soda shops, and dance contests. But there’s a reason the movie remains a slumber-party staple, and it isn’t the muddled “don’t worry about what other people think” message. It’s more the film’s dreamy look, and the way we learn more about . . .

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Sat., March 18, 2017

Directed by Tim Burton. US. 1985. 7+. 90 minutes. Warner. 35mm.

“Everything about Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, from its toy-box colors to its superb, hyperanimated Danny Elfman score to the butch-waxed hairdo and wooden-puppet walk of its star and mastermind, Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens), is pure pleasure. Pee-wee’s beloved bicycle — a gleaming, souped-up version of every ’50s dream bike you ever saw advertised in the back of a comic book — has been stolen . . .

A League of their Own

Sat., April 1, 2017

Directed by Penny Marshall. US. 1992. 10+. 128 minutes. Sony. Digital.

“A marvelously entertaining baseball comedy, A League of their Own is inspired by the real-life antics of the all-girls baseball league founded in 1943. Geena Davis and Lori Petty star as sisters who are discovered by ever-acerbic scout Jon Lovitz. Whisked off to Chicago, they join the Rockford Peaches under the watchful bloodshot eyes of the team’s over-the-hill, boozing manager (Tom Hanks, who gives . . .


Tue., April 4, 2017

Directed by Michael Radford. UK. 1984. R. 113 minutes. 35mm.
Sponsored by Friends of the Colonial

We pay tribute to the late John Hurt with a special 35mm screening of 1984.

“Director Michael Radford’s 1984, filmed in England between April and June of 1984 (the same period during which the action of George Orwell’s famous 1949 novel takes place), is a film adaptation that succeeds brilliantly. In one fell swoop, it repoliticizes the novel — translating it into terms that speak directly to the present . . .

Spice World

Fri., April 21, 2017

Directed by Bob Spiers. UK. 1997. PG. 93 minutes. Sony. 35mm.

20th Anniversary Screening! “… Somehow I found myself enjoying this limp and lurid picture. Call it gentlemanly obligation. There is a swelling wave of dissent against the Spice Girls, based on the perception that they have achieved a ludicrous measure of fame and fortune on the strength of markedly limited talents. What I particularly admire about the Spice Girls, on the other hand, is that they have achieved a ludicrous measure . . .