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Theatre Organ Open Console

Sat., February 22, 2020

Presented by TOSDV

Ever wanted to play the 3/24 Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ? Now you can! Everyone from first-timers, amateurs and professionals will have a chance to bring the mighty Wurlitzer to life during our open console event. You’ll also have an opportunity to enter the pipe chambers to see the inner workings of the organ. Plus, we’ll demonstrate how the organ is capable of storing, within its memory . . .

The Black Pirate with Live Organ Accompaniment

Sun., March 22, 2020

Directed by Albert Parker. 1926. NR. 1 hour 34 minutes. DVD.

The Theatre Organ Society of the Delaware Valley presents a classic silent movie with Brett Miller at the console!

Pirates loot a ship of its riches before blowing it up. Father-and-son survivors of noble birth wash ashore of an island, and the injured father perishes. The son (Douglas Fairbanks) promises to seek revenge by infiltrating the same band of buccaneers and bringing them to justice. Posing as the . . .