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A Fistful of Dollars

Directed by Sergio Leone. Italy. 1964. R. 99 minutes. MGM. 35mm.
Sun., January 15, 2012
January 15, 2012
2:00 pm

This is it. The story that began the cycle of Italian “Spaghetti Westerns,” and established the film career (and long-term film persona) of Clint Eastwood, who plays the taciturn, resourceful, deadly “Man With No Name.” Based upon Akira Kurasawa’s classic samurai “Eastern,” Yojimbo, this is the simple story of a savvy gunfighter who plays both sides against the middle in a town riven by two feuding families. Because of his original and often startling variations on Western themes, and his ability to lend wit and surprise to what could have been a cliched story-line, Leone with this movie set a new standard (and rejuvenated the genre) for western films. (Bill Roth)