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Annie Hall

Directed by Woody Allen. US. 1977. PG. 93 minutes. MGM. 35mm.
Sun., February 26, 2012
February 26, 2012
2:00 pm

This is considered by many to be Woody Allen’s “breakthrough film,” in that it took him beyond the mere comedy tropes and funny one-liners of his earlier films into the domain of true romantic comedy and social insight. In so doing, Allen received Oscars for Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Screenplay, and Diane Keaton won a well-deserved Best Actress award for bringing life (and joy) to the title role (which many folks who know her contend is based upon her own real-life personality and style.) Allen and Keaton are supported by a splendid cast, which includes Tony Roberts, Paul Simon, Colleen Dewhurst and such future stars as Carol Kane, Christopher Walken and Shelley Duval, and the scenes of New York City are rendered as lovingly as Allen has ever done. So, if you are in the mood for some mid-winter laughter, and a glowing performance by one of America’s most delightful female stars at her finest and most natural, come fall in love with Annie Hall. (Bill Roth)