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Au Revoir les Enfants

Directed by Louis Malle. France. 1987. 14+. 104 minutes. Janus. blu ray.
Sat., February 20, 2016
February 20, 2016
2:00 pm

“Director Louis Malle’s acclaimed autobiographical tale of his early school days is a poignant reminiscence of childhood camaraderie, social responsibility and the human tragedy of war. Set in occupied France during WWII, the story centers on the friendship that blossoms between two young, gifted schoolboys – one Catholic and one Jewish – when the latter hides out in a private boarding school to escape the Nazis. The beauty and mastery of Malle’s film lies in his precise eye for period detail, well-structured character development, and an insightful and accurate portrayal of adolescent behavior.” (The TLA Film and Video Guide) Nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Film Oscars. In French with English subtitles.