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Blobfest 2015: Vote for YOUR favorite Shorty Award Nominee

Sponsored by Mainstay Inn, Salena Salon and Horizon Services
Mon., June 29, 2015 thru Mon., July 6, 2015
until July 6, 2015

UPDATE 7/6/15 – Voting has ended – thanks everybody! The winner will be notified on 7/7/15.

UPDATE 6/30/15 – We implore you to vote fairly – this is supposed to be fun for all, not a battle royale. Our intention is that each person only votes once per day, but it is clear that some voters have found a workaround to the restrictions we’ve put in place, and are essentially cheating – and that’s no fun for anyone.

UPDATE 6/29/15: Voting has resumed, but we’re starting over so all nominees have been reset to zero votes. You will have to enter a CAPTCHA word to prove you’re not a robot and you can only vote once per day. Thanks for your patience while we sorted this out!

Our judges have already chosen the Shorty Award winners, but now it’s your turn to vote! Between June 26 and midnight on July 6 the whole wide world can vote for their favorite film – resulting in the Fan Favorite Award. The winners of the Fan Favorite Award will be notified on July 7. Winners are invited to attend Blobfest on Friday, July 10.  There is no Shorty Award for the Fan Favorite winner, but lots of fun prizes!