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Blobfest 2016: The Blob and This Island Earth

Sat., July 9, 2016
July 9, 2016
11:30 am
July 9, 2016
3:30 pm

“Airplanes with no pilots, super-scientists with brains so big their heads warp, giant bug-like creatures from another planet. This Island Earth is pulp science fiction at its best, built around an intergalactic conspiracy and the earnest earth scientists innocently working to help one alien race defend itself in a planet-threatening war. The plot is a cut above most ’50s sci-fi, but it’s the eerie images and exotic outer-space delights (in that garish, over-saturated color that only Technicolor can provide) that really turn the trick, with solid support from Rex Reason’s troubled alien scientist, torn between his desperation to save his people from destruction and his moral qualms about kidnapping Earth’s greatest scientists. Real Saturday matinee stuff in all the best ways: imaginative, energetic, inventive, and so much fun to watch.” (The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide)

“Whatever its flaws as a film, a none-too-scary monster chief among them, The Blob is a uniquely compelling monster movie. The decision to shoot in Technicolor, largely on real locations in Pennsylvania, invests it with a high-50s feel money couldnt buy. The remarkable seriousness the actors, particularly method disciple Steve McQueen, bring to the material makes the film difficult to dismiss as mere camp. So does a finale that unites the entire town, teens and grown-ups alike, in an all-metaphors-aside fight against an alien threat, a moment that seems to confirm historian Bruce Eders description of The Blob as like watching some kind of collective home movie of who we were and who we thought we were. Or maybe its simply the best film ever to pit hot-rodding teens against a mass of silicone. It delivers the goods any way you look at it.” (Keith Phipps, The Onion A.V. Club)


This double feature is showing twice, at 11:30AM and 3:30PM.
Doors open 30 minutes before show time.
The Blob (Irvin Yeaworth, 1958, 82 min, 35mm)
followed immediately by
This Island Earth (Joseph M. Newman, 1955, 87m, Digital, Universal)

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Adults: $10
Seniors/Students: $8
Members/Children < 13: $6

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