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Directed by Brian DePalma. US. 1976. R. 98 minutes. MGM. Digital.
Fri., June 3, 2016
June 3, 2016
9:45 pm

“Brian DePalma’s chilling adaptation of the Stephen King novel tells the story of a mousy high school girl taunted by classmates. What her tormentors don’t know is that Carrie posses frightening telekinetic powers, eliciting film’s most famous temper tantrum. Perhaps the worst mother-daughter relationship since Joan and Christina, Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie, as Carrie and her bible-thumping mother respectively, were both nominated for Oscars and deservedly so.” Also starring Amy Irving, John Travolta, William Katt, Nancy Allen and Betty Buckley. (TLA Film and Video Guide)