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Directed by Stanley Donnen. US. 1963. NR. 113 minutes. Universal. 35mm.
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Sun., June 17, 2012
June 17, 2012
2:00 pm

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, two of the most charismatic stars of their respective generations, star in this charming, sophisticated comedy-mystery. Set in a beautifully Technicolor-photographed Paris, the Hitchcock-like plot has Cary coming to the aid of recent widow Hepburn, as she seeks to recover a fortune that was secreted away by her ex-husband, as she is being threatened by a trio of unsavory crooks. With a wonderfully romantic score by Henry Mancini, and star-making turns by the likes of Walter Matthau, James Coburn and George Kennedy, Charade sparkles with a sharp sense of fun amidst the danger and thrills. (And only Cary Grant could look so suave while taking a shower fully dressed, and while fighting a hook-handed villain on a rooftop.) (Bill Roth)