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Galaxy Quest

Directed by Dean Parisot. US. 1999. PG. 1 hour 42 minutes. Paramount. Digital .
Fri., November 15, 2019
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November 15, 2019
9:45 pm

20th Anniversary Screening!
While appearing at a fan convention, Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), the star of a canceled 70s sci-fi series Galaxy Quest, agrees to do a favor for a group of aliens who he believes are costumed fans. What Nesmith thinks is a publicity stunt turns out to be a real-life battle to save the aliens from evil forces. Soon Nesmith recruits his former cast members/crew (Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and Sam Rockwell) to join him in a quest to become real heroes! A whole lot of fun for fans of Star Trek/Star Wars, this family-friendly comedy is exciting as it is funny!