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Directed by Joe Dante. US. 1984. PG. 1 hour 47 minutes. Warner Bros. Digital.
Fri., December 6, 2019
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December 6, 2019
9:45 pm

35th Anniversary Screening!
From the minds of producer Steven Spielberg (Jaws), director Joe Dante (The Howling) and writer Chris Columbus (The Goonies) comes this creepy, comical Christmas classic! While searching the shelves of a mysterious shop in search of a special gift for his son, a would-be inventor (Hoyt Axton) finds exactly what he is looking for: an adorable animal called a Mogwai. Caring for this lovable critter comes with three very important rules: never expose him to bright light, do not get him wet, and most importantly, never feed him after midnight. If any of these rules are broken then there may be serious – even dire – consequences.  Bring the family to this hilarious, holiday horror favorite!