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The House On Haunted Hill

Directed by William Castle. US. 1959. NR. 74 minutes.
Sun., October 17, 2010
October 17, 2010
2:00 pm

Taking a break from the brooding horror masterpieces of Val Lewton, we bring you a film that, though imbued with the atmosphere and mystery of a true horror tale, is also filmed with a goodly share of tongue-in-cheek wit. In a plot as old as cinema itself, Vincent Price (who else?) portrays a rich eccentric who offers a diverse group of people $10,000 if they will spend a night in a spooky old mansion with a blood-drenched history. Needless to say, the fear starts here. Filmed by 50s exploitation master William Castle, when this film was first released it featured the wonders of “Emergo,” a schlock devise that involved having a skeleton slide down a wire through the audience at the most fright-inducing moment. Though the Colonial is, thankfully, skeleton-free, we can guarantee that you will still receive all the chills and thrills that this often campy horror pastiche holds in store. (Bill Roth)