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Illuminating Cinema: Taxi Driver

Directed by Martin Scorsese. US. 1976. R. 1 hour 54 minutes. Sony. 35mm.
Fri., November 2, 2018
November 2, 2018
8:30 pm

In an effort to combat his growing insomnia, traumatized Vietnam War vet Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) takes a cab driver job. As he prowls the mean streets of NYC, Travis’ diminishing mental state mixes with his desire to be the crime-riddled city’s savior inciting him to serve a deadly justice to those he finds guilty. Although an amazing supporting cast led by Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Peter Boyle and Albert Brooks is along for the ride, Taxi Driver is ultimately the perfect vehicle for the awesome talents of director Martin Scorsese, screenwriter Paul Schrader and star DeNiro – each firing on all cylinders.

This screening is part of our Illuminating Cinema series. Please scroll down to read important information about tickets for this program and series.

About the Talk & Conversation

Purportedly written as a semi-reflective exploration of screenwriter Paul Schrader’s own experiences with isolation and loneliness, Taxi Driver (1976) is an unflinching examination of the impact of the late twentieth century urban environment on the individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing; ultimately becoming a searing indictment on the reality of the American Dream.

Centered amid the peep shows, grindhouses and sex cinemas of a pre-Giuliani Times Square, and populated by characters existing on the fringes of an apathetic society, Martin Scorsese’s film captures a post-industrial landscape teetering on the brink of apocalypse — an inferno, where life is nothing more than a monotonous, poverty-ridden hell in which sex, drugs, even brutality, become the only temporary refuge.

Our conversation will explore the film’s central themes of isolation, anonymity and lives apparently devoid of “meaning” and the relationship of these characteristics on one’s desire to rise above the masses, to be remembered, and revered; where the perpetration of violence appears to be a catalyst for immortality.

About the Speaker

Andrew Owen received an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Bangor University, Great Britain, and was a fulltime faculty member at Cabrini University. Andrew is also a house manager here at the Colonial.

Andrew’s main areas of interest relate to the social history of censorship within popular culture; analyzing areas related to propaganda, horror, and the societal and cultural dynamics of censorship discourse and practice. Andrew is also interested in the study of humor, especially as it pertains to its usage by subordinated social groups to attack, challenge, or draw attention to the oppressive ideologies and practices of the dominant social group.


8:30PM – Pre-Show Talk in the Garden Suite
9:00PM – Film Screening in the 1903 Theatre
10:50PM – Post-Show Conversation in the Garden Suite


Adults: $25
Members, Seniors & Students: $20
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In addition to admission to the film screening and the pre- and post-film discussions, your Illuminating Cinema ticket includes a free small popcorn, a free small soda, a complimentary theatre cup. Plus $5 beer or wine (at the Illuminating Cinema event only).

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