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It Goes to 11 Double Feature: Spinal Tap and Anvil

Directed by Rob Reiner and Sacha Gervasi. 1984 and 2008. R and NR. 82 and 90 minutes.
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Thu., November 5, 2009
November 5, 2009
7:30 pm

Bust out your leather pants and your bics because two of the greatest rockumentaries of all time are coming to the Colonial for one night only. The show starts at 7:30, and yeah, it goes to 11:00. First up is the 2008 doc (this one’s legit) Anvil! The Story of Anvil about the eponymous 80’s metal band that never quite reached the rock god heights of their compatriots, the Scorpions, Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth. But, they’re still trying. Owen Gleiberman wrote in Entertainment Weekly “It’s a hilarious, and unexpectedly moving, documentary about the greatest metal band you’ve probably never heard of.” Trevor Johnston called it “a supremely entertaining, inspirational fable for our times” in Time Out. As for This Is Spinal Tap, I defer to David Edelstein, writing in Slate: “It holds up, but not, surprisingly, because it skewers the pretensions of rock stars so hilariously. No, This Is Spinal Tap endures because it makes those pretensions more seductive than real rock stars do.” Spinal Tap came out 25 years ago! Rock on.

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This is Spinal Tap will be shown on 35mm and Anvil will be shown on DVD.