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Italian All Night Splatterfest 5

Italy. All night. R. 35mm.
Sponsored by Shorty's Sunflower Cafe and Truckstop
Sat., September 3, 2016
September 3, 2016
7:00 pm

Just when you thought we couldn’t top last year’s fest, along comes the biggest and most splatter-filled event yet…The Colonial Theatre’s Italian All-Night Splatterfest V: The Re-Splattering! Once again, were serving up FIVE of the most outlandish and entertaining Italian horror movies ever made: hilarious cult favorite Troll 2, off-the-wall reanimated corpse comedy Cemetery Man, influential murder-mystery What Have You Done to Solange?, bonkers slasher film Pieces and Lucio Fulci’s immortal classic Zombie! The evening will include trailers, prizes, posters, t-shirts, lapel pins, and, as a special added bonus, our second SplatterFEAST provided by our awesome sponsor Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe and Truckstop.

Approximate start times are listed below but are subject to change.

6:00PM – Doors open and SplatterFEAST begins

7:00PM – Troll 2
Claudio Fragasso. Italy. 1990. PG-13. 95 min. MGM. 35mm.
Is Troll 2 the best worst movie ever made? You be the judge! As his family prepares for a month-long visit to the farming community of Nilbog, a young boy is warned by the ghost of his grandfather about the town’s strange inhabitants and their deadly intentions.

8:37PM – Pieces
Juan Piquer Simn. US. 1982. NR. 89 min. Grindhouse. 35mm.
Who is chain-sawing the campus coeds? Is it the burly groundskeeper? One of the professors? The creepy kid? A former tennis star-turned-homicide detective goes undercover to find out.

10:08PM – 20 Minute Break

10:30PM – Cemetery Man
Michele Soavi. Italy. 1994. R. 105 min. Focus. 35mm print courtesy of the Sundance Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.
When hes not crossing out the names of the dearly departed from the telephone book, cemetery caretaker Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett) is busy making sure his recently reanimated tenants stay in their final resting place.

12:19AM – What Have You Done to Solange?
Massimo Dallamano. Italy. 1972. R. 103 min. Arrow Films. 35mm print courtesy of Exhumed Films.
While spending an amorous afternoon with a married teacher, Elizabeth witnesses the murder of a classmate. Now, the killer seems to be stalking the student body and the numero uno suspect is her secret lover!

2:04AM – 20 Minute Break

2:26AM – Zombie
Lucio Fulci . Italy. 1979. NR. 91 min. Blue Underground. 35mm print courtesy of Exhumed Films.
We round out the fest with Italian horror movie maestro Lucio Fulci’s most infamous film. If you’ve seen Zombie, then we don’t need to say anything else. If you haven’t, then all you need to know can be summed up with three simple words: Zombie vs. Shark!

4:00AM – Go home and get some sleep!


SplatterFEAST VIP Ticket: $50 advance / $55 day of show
Adults: $25

Seniors & Students: $20
Members: $15
No children under 13. General admission seating. Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket prices do include the $1.00 per ticket Service Fee. No member or guest passes accepted for this event.

SplatterFEAST VIP Ticket Includes:

Pre-Show Buffet Dinner from 6-7pm in the Sunflower SplatterFEAST Lounge

  • The Italian Double Feature Homemade Meatballs & Sausage in Red Sauce
  • Focaccia Antipasto Board
  • Rice Salad with Radicchio & Citrus
  • Eggplant Chili
  • Caesar Salad
  • Rigatoni Frizzi

Intermission Snack Pack I in the Sunflower SplatterFEAST Lounge

  • Prosciutto & Melon
  • Almonds & Olives
  • Cupcake
  • Popcorn Re-Animator
  • Also available la carte for $5 in the lobby for non-VIP ticket holders

Intermission Snack Pack II in the Sunflower SplatterFEAST Lounge

  • Mini Chicken Bruschetta Wrap
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Italian Cookies
  • Coffee
  • Also available la carte for $6 in the lobby for non-VIP ticket holders