the colonial theatre marquee

MST3K: Devil Doll

Directed by Lindsay Shonteff. UK. 1964. NR. 81 minutes. MST3K and Gordon Films. DVD.
Fri., August 21, 2015
August 21, 2015
9:45 pm

Ventriloquists’ dummies are unsettling. Let’s not mince words, on scale of one to creepy, they’re The Hamburglar, residing somewhere in that uncanny valley of inhuman nightmare fuel. 60’s film Devil Doll ratchets up the unease by supposing a human soul could be forced into a dummy by an evil hypnotist, and we’re forced to endure a feature length supernatural suspencer with all the taught tension of a wet noodle. Lucky for us Mike and the ‘bots are along for the ride in this season eight episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. They aren’t the only ones stowing away on the Colonial’s big screen though, as fan favorite demon Pitch (from Santa Claus) makes his triumphant Satellite of Love return! His nonchalant machinations are no doubt devious and mischievous! Come, SEE a robot achieve his life long yearning to become the breakfast pastry he always felt inside, and join us for another campy evening of riffing magic! (Chuck Francisco)