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MST3K: Mitchell

Directed by Andrew McLaglen. US. 1975. R. 97 minutes. Rhino. DVD.
Fri., April 20, 2012
April 20, 2012
10:00 pm

Update as of 2/28: We are very pleased to announce a special addition to this MST3K screening! After Mitchell‘s unappealingness concludes we’ll be screening episode 201 of Incognito Cinema Warriors XP ( It’s a heavy metal, zombie apocalypse flavor of the cow town puppet show we all know and love. One of the show’s writers, John Dell’Osa, will be on hand with merch and also to high five you (if you so desire).

Joe Don Baker is unappealing, doughy and alcoholic cop Mitchell who gets caught up in political intrigue and the local mafia drug trade after he’s called in to investigate the murder of a prowler by a local embezzler (played by John Saxton). This is the first of two Joe Don Baker films that the Satellite of love crew lambaste- the other being “Final Justice” (Mitchell in Italy), which we featured at the Colonial for our Cult Cinema show back in May ’11.

Not only is this episode one of the absolute best that the gang has to offer, it’s also historically important in the MST3K realm as it is the parting episode of much loved series creator and host, Joel Hodgson. Mike Nelson would take over hosting duties in the following episode.

Come out and count how many times Joel and the Bots can say “Mitchell” in an hour and a half with us. We dare you! (Chuck Francisco)


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