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MST3K: War of the Colossal Beast

Directed by Jim Mallon. US. 1991. NR. 90 minutes. MST. DVD.
Sat., February 18, 2017
February 18, 2017
2:00 pm

Somewhere within the A1:O32 crescent of the best MST3K episodes lies experiment #319: War of the Colossal Beast, which features Joel and the ‘bots tackling the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man (experiment # 309). The Colossal man, having been disfigured and brain damaged, is drugged and transported by the Army, which sets them on a collision course for wackiness!

This episode is more infamous still for featuring the short film: Mr. B Natural. Mr. B Natural (played by Betty Luster) is a hyped up, androgynous, musical pixie who would go on to become a recurring and popular character in the pantheon of side-MSTie players (given new life by Bridget Jones). Also delightful is an appearance by pre-host duties Mike Nelson as Glenn, the amazing colossal man himself, paying a visit to the Satellite of Love. Join us, won’t you? (Chuck Francisco)