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Phantasm: Remastered

Directed by Don Cascarelli. US. 1979. R. 88 minutes. Well Go USA. Digital. Remastered.
Sat., September 24, 2016
September 24, 2016
8:30 pm

New Digital Restoration by J.J. Abrams & Bad Robot! Presented by Fantastic Fest & Alamo Drafthouse.

To celebrate Art House Theater Day, Don Coscarelli’s supernatural horror classic returns to the big screen with remastered picture and sound! After a rash of suspicious deaths, two orphaned brothers (Michael Baldwin and Bill Thornbury) and the worlds coolest Good Humor Man (Reggie Bannister) investigate the weird activities at the local funeral parlor. Soon, the trio uncovers the deadly truth about its mysterious undertaker The Tall Man (a terrifyingly terrific Angus Scrimm). Thanks to help from super Phantasm fan J. J. Abrams, Coscarelli and a team of talented technicians from Abrams Bad Robot Productions have faithfully restored the film from its original elements. The results are breathtaking!

After the film is over, stick around for a live stream Q&A with director Don Coscarelli and original cast members. Plus, you’ll be treated to an exclusive clip from the upcoming Phantasm: Ravager!

Mondo has created several limited-run Phantasm products which will be available in the lobby before the screening.

UPDATE! Yesterday we got the final schedule for the live stream Q&A with Don Coscarelli and it’s not exactly what we were expecting, so here’s the new schedule:
  • 8:30PM: Our Phantasm program begins with some trivia and giveaways
  • 8:40PM: Required test of the audio & video stream coming out of Fantastic Fest at the Alamo Drafthouse where the Q&A is taking place
  • 8:45PM: Phantasm begins
  • 10:15PM: Phantasm ends
  • 11:20PM: Live stream Q&A begins
  • 11:50PM: Q&A ends
So, there is 60+ minute gap between the end of our screening and the Q&A which is less than ideal, for sure, but we can make the best of it! Our suggestion is that you go out for a drink, something to eat, or just to stretch your legs and then everyone will be welcomed back into the theatre for the Q&A. Thanks for your patience around this and we’ll see you tomorrow night!