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Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Directed by Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen. US. 2015. NR. 93 minutes. Drafthouse Films. Digital.
Fri., September 23, 2016
September 23, 2016
7:30 pm

After Steven Spielberg’s classic Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 35 years ago, three 11-year-old boys from Mississippi (Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos and Jayson Lamb) set out on what would become a 7-year-long labor of love and tribute to their favorite film: a faithful, shot-for-shot adaptation of the action adventure film. They finished every scene…except one; the film’s explosive airplane set piece.

Over two decades later, the trio reunited with the original cast members from their childhood in order to complete their masterpiece. Featuring interviews with John Rhys Davies, Eli Roth and more, Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made is just that: the story of this long-gestating projects culmination, chronicling the friends’ dedication to their artistic vision mixed in with some movie magic to create a personal, epic love letter to a true modern classic.

It’s a story about the filmmaking process, an indexing of the raw imagination, steadfast determination and persistence of vision that’s required to pursue one’s passions. It’s also about getting dragged by trucks, falling out of trees, experimenting with industrial plaster and setting your friends on fire!

“…bask in the heartfelt cheesy goodness of watching children imperil their lives in pursuit of fortune and glory. Well, maybe just glory.” – Rob Dean, A.V. Club

“Often poignant… but never short of entertaining, “Raiders!” captures the obsessive hold movies have on young people’s imaginations …” – Peter Debruge , Variety

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7:30 Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made
9:00 Live Q&A with Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos (30m)
9:30 Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation (115m, blu ray)


Adult: $9 (single film) or $15 (both films)
Senior/Student: $7 (single film) or $10 (both films)
Member/ Child <13: $5 (single film) or $8 (both films)
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