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Shimano presents Return To Earth by Anthill Films

Directed by Darcy Wittenburg, Colin Jones, Darren McCullough. Canada . 2019. G. 45 minutes. Digital.
Presented by Anthill Films
Wed., June 26, 2019
June 26, 2019
7:30 pm

Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking. All you need is a simple machine that that defies
boundaries and knows no limits.

This is Return to Earth, the ninth feature from award-winning adventure filmmakers Anthill Films. A cinematic journey that will immediately transport you into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride. Fly through the lush coastal jungles of Oahu. Feel the dust from Utah’s otherworldly landscapes. Lose yourself in the untouched mountains of Patagonia. Connected by true to life examples set by some of the sport’s biggest athletes, unsung shredders and up-and-coming youth, Return to Earth proves that when we lose track of time, we can make the most of it.