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Celtic Concert: Brother & Scythian

Tickets: $20/$22.
Sat., May 10, 2008
May 10, 2008
7:30 pm

What can be said about a two brothers and two friends that started their performances together on the streets and are now the guest of the White House to perform their outrageously awesome Irish music for President Bush, The Prime Minister of Ireland and members of Congress on St. Patrick's Day? And after hanging with Denis Leary last year, the band known as Scythian has returned this year to be with Conan O'Brien in New York for the New York Ireland Fund Gala. For those who know Celtic music, it comes as no surprise that Scythian is hitting the heights. Headlining and appearing with many top Irish, Scottish, Canadian and American bands throughout the country has catapulted them into one of the bands that are gathering legions of fan with every appearance. And being classically trained musicians hasn't hurt them at all — they know how to rock and roll – Irish style!

Performing with Scythian is Brother: What started off in Australia, when brothers Angus and Hamish Richardson took the bagpipes of their school marching band, put in their ever increasing dynamic riffs of their guitars, empowered their own music and songs and blended it all together with the native Australian instrument, the didgeridoo, has brought new dimensions to Celtic music across the world.  Over the years the band grew and changed in scope but never in direction. Mongrel Music was the aim, international acclaim is what they received. From France to Egypt, throughout America and back home to Australia, Brother has found friends and fans of all ages and walks of life. With Hamish taking some time to be with family in Australia, Gus and the American member of the band, DidgeriDrew (Drew Reid) come to the Colonial along with friends from one of Philadelphia's favorite bands, Downtown Harvest. The music is tribal and often described as ethereal and never ever the same.

Tickets are $22 at the box office the night of the show. Advance purchase tickets are available through or at USA Kilts, 249 Bridge Street, Phoenixville. Tickets purchased before May 1 are only $20!