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Shanghai Express

Directed by Josef von Sternberg. US. 1932. NR. 1 hour 22 minutes. Universal. Digital.
Sun., September 30, 2018 thru Mon., October 1, 2018
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September 30, 2018
1:30 pm
October 1, 2018
7:30 pm

China. 1931. While the nation is engulfed in civil war, a British Captain (Donald Harvey) travelling to Shanghai discovers that a fellow passenger – the notorious courtesan Shanghai Lilly (Marlene Dietrich) –  is in fact his old flame, Magdalen. As the former lovers reignite their spark a real powder keg is about to explode via the exploits of a cunning spy (Warner Oland) and his rebel forces. This pre-Code classic from director Josef von Sternberg was a huge (and controversial) hit that continues to pack a wallop with modern audiences.