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Streets of Fire

Directed by Walter Hill. US. 1984. PG. 1 hour 33 minutes minutes. Universal. 35mm.
Fri., May 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019
9:45 pm

Raven Shaddock (Willem Dafoe), along with his gang of merciless biker friends, kidnaps rock singer Ellen Aim (Diane Lane). Ellen’s former lover, soldier-for-hire Tom Cody (Michael Paré), happens to be passing through town on a visit. In an attempt to save his star act, Ellen’s manager, Billy Fish (Rick Moranis), hires Tom to rescue Ellen. Billy and Tom, along with former soldier McCoy (Amy Madigan), battle through dangerous cityscapes, determined to get Ellen back. Directed by Walter Hill (The Warriors, 48 Hrs.), this “Rock & Roll Fable” is a stunning mix of action movie, musical, Film Noir, comedy and drama. 35th Anniversary screening!