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The Barkley Marathons

Directed by Annika Iltis and Timothy James Kane. US. 2014. NR. 89 minutes. Digital.
Sat., November 28, 2015
November 28, 2015
11:00 am

A tiny town in Tennessee is the most unlikely of places you would expect to find the hardest trail race in the world, The Barkley Marathons. Every year an international group of runners come to test their limits at this cult-like, quirky, and virtually impossible event. Created as a mockery of a historic prison escape, in the first 25 years of the race, only 10 people had finished. Through the competitors spectacular failures, and unprecedented successes, this documentary film contemplates the value of pain in a society that favors comfort.

Winner – Audience Award for Documentary – Austin Film Festival 2014