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The Fly

Directed by Kurt Neumann. US. 1958. NR. 94 minutes. Fox. Digital.
Sun., July 5, 2015
July 5, 2015
2:00 pm

There are those horror films that come and go on the pop culture radar and leave no lasting impression. Perhaps it is the fantasy involved – transporting matter from one place to another – that allows The Fly to endure. Or, maybe deep down, it’s the romance between the two central characters. Regardless, The Fly has endured and 50+ years later, we celebrate this film as one of our Sunday classics! The Fly is a strange tale, not just because of the transformation of the lead scientist, but because the film is presented as a mystery rather than as straightforward horror. It opens with the protagonist murdered by his own wife (Patricia Owens). The hook, for the audience, is how it all took place. The film begins with 28 minutes of mystery and character development, and nearly 75 minutes pass before the fly, itself, debuts. Today, that would never happen. Even in the 1986 remake, the trailer teased us but we knew Jeff Goldblum’s transformation was coming. Still, after 50+ years, the original film still delivers incredible suspense and scares. (Bob Trate)