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The Hills Have Eyes

Directed by Wes Craven. US. 1977. R. 89 minutes. 35mm.
Fri., June 5, 2015
June 5, 2015
10:00 pm

“If you’re ever in a middle class family driving your Winnebago through a desert that used to be a nuclear testing site, do yourself a favor and don’t break down. They got these families of mutant cannibals out there whose values are pretty different from yours. And you won’t necessarily get along that well. Craven’s harsh cannibal movie is not as perfect as “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” but it’s a good take on a more tribal version of the deranged-killer family. The huge and weird looking Michael Berryman (also know for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) is a particularly memorable villain (though my favorite moment is the cameo by producer Peter Locke: “Maybe I’ll make a joke like last time and eat the toes.”) It’s like a way more vicious update of “Hot Rods to Hell.” There’s always something enjoyable about watching bland people get terrorized by weirdo maniacs.” (The Scarecrow Video Movie Guide)