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The Oberufer Shepherd’s Play

All ages. 60 minutes. Live.
Presented by The Christian Community
Sat., December 14, 2019
December 14, 2019
10:30 am

One of a cycle of three plays, the Shepherds’ Play is a medieval Nativity play performed annually in many places and languages around the world. Partly in music and verse, with humorous camaraderie and profound reverence, it brings joy to performers and audiences, young and old. With a message that goes beyond cultural or historical specifics, it speaks of ‘That Holy Thing which shall be born of thee…’ as the Angel in the play says. Michael Miller writes in Renewal magazine: “What ‘Holy Thing’ is this? It is nothing other than that love which is able to ‘enter all the hearts of all the earth.’ In other words, that love which can only enter the world through the human heart…” The play promises ‘A right good evening, the best of cheer!’


Adults – $5
Children < 13 – Free

Tickets available with cash, check or credit card at the Colonial Theatre Box Office, or online.