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Virtual Screening: The Booksellers

Directed by D.W Young . U.S. 2019. 1 hour 39 minutes. D.W. Young, Dan Wechsler, Judith Mizrachy. Digital.

Antiquarian booksellers are part scholar, part detective and part businessperson, and their personalities and knowledge are as broad as the material they handle. They also play an underappreciated yet essential role in preserving history. The Booksellers takes viewers inside their small but fascinating world, populated by an assortment of obsessives, intellects, eccentrics and dreamers.







“The Booksellers” is a documentary for anyone who can still look at a book and see a dream, a magic teleportation device, an object that contains the world.”

– Variety

“A treat for anyone who appreciates the printed word.”

– The Hollywood Reporter


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