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Exhumed Films and The Colonial Theatre present: Three Dimensions of Fear!

Proof of vaccination is no longer required. Masking remains encouraged but optional.

Please note that seating is limited for this event and will not feature the Colonial’s normal amount of general admission tickets. 


Join Exhumed Films and The Colonial Theatre as we unleash three of the greatest 3-D films of all time, projected from original 35mm prints! The 1980s saw a resurgence of three-dimensional movies, particularly in the realm of genre cinema. Some of the most infamous and beloved 3-D titles in history were released during this era, and we are thrilled to present three of our absolute favorites. You won’t want to miss this rare eye-popping opportunity to see these films the way they were intended, with the creatures and killers leaping off of the screen right at you!



1982 / 35mm / Dir. Steve Miner / 95 minutes
Synopsis: While not necessarily the best installment in the series, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III is arguably the most influential slasher sequel of all time due to its introduction of the iconic hockey mask that would soon become a horror movie hallmark. Moreover, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III features some of the most entertaining 3-D gags in cinema history, including an impressive assortment of deadly weapons and bloody body parts protruding into the audience. The story is nothing new: unstoppable killer Jason Voorhees, apparently recovered from his injuries at the end of the last film, finds a new slew of torpid teens to terrorize. Rarely screened in its original 35mm 3-D format, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III is an entertaining departure from the predictability of the average slasher movie.


1983 / 35mm / Dir. Joe Alves / 99 minutes
Synopsis: Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the novel JAWS is one of the most harrowing movies ever made, and was a colossal critical and box office smash that indisputably changed cinema forever. Its first sequel, however, JAWS 2, was a pale imitation of the original classic that underwhelmed audiences and seemingly closed the door on future follow-ups. But when the new wave (ha-ha) of 3-D movies in the early 1980’s started making big bucks, Universal decided it was time to bring Bruce the Shark back to the surface for hopefully another feeding frenzy. JAWS 3-D loosely ties itself to the previous films by centering on the adult sons of Roy Scheider’s character Chief Martin Brody. Michael Brody (now played by Dennis Quaid) and his girlfriend Kay (Bess Armstrong) are employees of Sea World (!) who must contend with yet another massive great white shark that has somehow infiltrated the park’s waterways. Together with Michael’s younger brother Sean and park director Calvin Bouchard (the always entertaining Louis Gossett Jr.), Michael and Kay must find a way to protect the guests and fend off the fearsome fish!


1983 / 35mm / Dir. Richard Fleischer / 89 minutes
Synopsis: Director Richard Fleischer had a long and varied career in Hollywood: the son of animation pioneer Max Fleischer, Richard Fleischer made a name for himself by tackling films in disparate genres. He directed historical epics (THE VIKINGS, BARABBAS) fanciful science fiction favorites (Disney’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, FANTASTIC VOYAGE, SOYLENT GREEN), action movies (MR. MAJESTYK, TORA! TORA! TORA!) and even musicals (the infamous remake of THE JAZZ SINGER starring Neil Diamond). At the end of his career, however, Fleischer found himself cranking out B-movies for Dino De Laurentis, including AMITYVILLE 3-D, yet another third entry in a series attempting to capitalize off of the 3-D craze. The “true” story of the Lutz family from the original AMITYVILLE HORROR film is abandoned in favor of a stand-alone tale: an investigative journalist (Tony Roberts) who specializes in exposing hoaxes turns his attention towards the infamous Amityville home. Before long, however, weird occurrences, a spate of “accidental” deaths, and a conspicuous pit to hell in the basement lead him to suspect that there may be something supernatural happening after all. Keep an eye out for a young Meg Ryan in one of her first film roles.


General Admission $35.00
There will be a $5.00 per ticket Processing Fee included for all tickets purchased. Tickets are available with cash, check credit card at the Colonial Theatre Box Office, or online. Please note that the seats in the rear balcony have limited legroom.

Event Schedule*

6:30 PM                             Doors Open

7:30 PM                              Friday the 13th  Part III 3-D

9:10-9:20 PM                  Intermission

9:30 PM                               Jaws 3-D

11:00-11:10 PM             Intermission

11:10 PM- 12:40 AM  Amityville 3-D

*Times are approximate. 
*times are approximate. 


  • Genre Horror
  • Director Various
  • Released 1982-1983
  • Runtime 6 hours
  • Rated PG, R, R
  • Studio Paramount/ Universal/ Orion
  • CountryUnited States



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