Colonial Concessions


All prices include sales tax.

SMALL (46 oz. Bag)

MEDIUM (85 oz. Bag)

LARGE (130 oz. Bag)

BUCKET (170 oz. Bucket)

Traditional Movie Candy

$2.50 CANDY
Dots (6.5 oz. Box)
Butterfinger Bites (3.5 oz. Box)
Milk Duds (3 oz. Box)
Skittles (3.5 oz. Box)
Kit Kat (3 oz. Bag)
Peanut Chew (4 oz. Bag)
Junior Mints (2.6 oz. Box)
Twizzlers (5 oz. Bag)
Raisinets (3.5 oz. Box)
Goobers (3.5 oz. Box)
Sno-Caps (3.1 oz. Box)
Buncha Crunch (3.2 oz. Box)
Cookie Dough Bites (3.1 oz. Box)
Swedish Fish (5 oz. Bag)
Peanut M&M’s (3.10 oz. Box)
Plain M&M’s (3.10 oz. Box)
Hot Tamales
Haribo Gummi Bears

$3.00 CANDY
Sour Patch Kids (5 oz. Bag)
Sour Patch Watermelon (5 oz. Bag)
Reese Pieces (6.5 oz. Bag)

Organic Chocolate Bars

Milk Chocolate Carmel Crunch w/ Sea Salt
Dark Chocolate Almond
Dark Chocolate Carmel Crunch w/ Sea Salt
Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger w/ Black Pepper
Dark Chocolate Orange Infused
Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch
Dark Chocolate Very Dark
Organic Chocolate with Coconut Milk & Coconut Palm Sugar
Organic Dark Chocolate Total Eclipse

Cold Beverages

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Minute Maid Lemonade, Barq’s Root Beer




Hot Beverages

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate


Alcoholic Beverages

Our selections of beer and wine change regularly. Please visit our box office for our current offerings.

We also carry seasonal beer and wine depending on the time of year!

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