Enter the 2022 Blobfest: The Uninvited Shorty’s Short Film Contest to tell your terrifying tale!

Each year, inspired by the same muse that sung to Director Irvin “Shorty” Yeaworth when he conceived of The Blob, filmmakers of all ages compose entries for our Annual Shorty’s Short Film Contest. 

Winning films will be screened for the public during Blobfest 2022 (July 8-10) and prizes will be awarded to the winners that weekend (date/time TBA on our website and social media) in four categories. 

Your short film must be submitted via email to by June 23. Please do not mail your submissions: MOV and Mp4 files are preferred.


  1. Films must be under 3 minutes in length.
  2. Family friendly content only, please. If you’re wondering whether something is appropriate, then it probably isn’t right for this contest.
  3. Your film entry should be Sci-Fi related. Riffs on The Blob, a blob, or related movie themes are welcomed but not required.
  4. You must include a required item at least once in your entry: a gooey stick. Any films entered into the Shorty’s Short Film Contest that do NOT feature the appearance or presence of a gooey stick at least once will be disqualified.


Under 18 years of age * Over 18 years of age * Best Animated Short Film * The Fan Favorite

Go boldly, friends, and let your iPhones and imaginations propel you ever onward to Shorty’s glory!